Our Story




Pazalsear is a small business focused on 100% vegan sauces and spreads created by our founder, Athina Alejandra, in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Each product is created and made from scratch with the finest and freshest produce available in our beautiful Island and of course our most important ingredient, LOVE💕

We take very serious our need to take care of our environment and it is VERY important to us, that’s why we make sure to use glass jars so you at home and us at Pazalsear can RE-DUSE, RE-USE, & RE-CYCLE.



Pazalsear was created after the need of our founder, Athina, to find good quality, fresh and with amazing flavor sauces for vegan and non-vegan eaters. After creating a vegan food delivery service and playing with sauces in her lunches, and even at dinner parties with friends and family, Pazalsear was born. We noticed a big absence in sauces that fit the vegan healthy lifestyle but that have a great taste that even non-vegan eaters crave. You can find Pazalsear on Rincón’s Farmers Market, and on Aguadilla’s Farmers Market.



Athina Alejandra is a Puerto Rican & Dominican singer, certified hatha yoga teacher for adults and children, and vegan cook who started making Pazalsear’s products in 2019. After the first day of being in the market and gone sold out, she knew Pazalsear could and was going to be a success. We believe this is only the beginning, we have big plans for Pazalsear and we are delighted to have great customers like you that help small companies grow. We are beyond grateful for all your love and support.